YIYO – Your Input Your Output

Make to Stock & Order in Software development…

Ever wondered why I can get what I want from McDonald or Starbucks so quickly while it takes months and years to get a report that actually works for you in time from your IT department.  Well your prayers are answered … thatAsthu !!! (a word from Hindu mythology where the seeker’s wish is granted by the learned or Amen) .
The world is soon going to see an end to millions of dollars spent on building complex software using sophisticated models and frameworks (these days we hear a lot about Agile Framework) . The entire software development life cycle is so broken , time consuming and error prone that many a times the cost to have an application build is so out of line with reality. Business users are facing real time challenges and expect their problems solved today or better NOW. But  companies are working on maintaining a huge laundry list of software issues faced by businesses today and have them setup processes to help resolve these issues by their tomorrow , but the reality is Tomorrow is quite different from today and comes with its own set of challenges. Traditionally problems faced today get evaluated three months later by their leadership team who are clueless of the entire issue (or approve with their set of assumptions). Managers are then asked to plan and budget to resolve these issues , hire a talented  team who would later work on hypothetical understanding of the problem. Once budgets are approved and when the issue makes it to their release pipeline , a solution is built and delivered to a Testing team which is an incredibly long cycle in the SDLC process.Once build meets the satisfaction of the tester , it is passed to the user  as part of one of their releases and they are trained to handle this unique scenario. (Whoa… and in the process are built thousands of spreadsheets and word documents)

The Age of Real Time Software Development ….”Drive Through”
Who could have not seen this as a problem ? That is why Charles Simonyi in the early 2000’s left Microsoft to go and build Intentional Software. Charles was instrumental in architecting Word , excel etc. at Microsoft. He made the idea WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get popular) really popular. Well I am not going to talk about what they have been doing in this space.
With advancements in Natural Language Speech processing and Artificial Intelligence, we will soon see this happen and that is going to disrupt the billions of dollars being invested in writing programs using various software development life cycle models. An army of software professionals who help translate user requirements to tangible software would no longer be required.
Soon we will see Users have the ability to author their own code, build their own applications and control their output . Hence we coined the term “YIYO” (pronounced eeyyoo – stands for ” Your Input Your Output”) wherein user get to speak to the box which would simulate and deliver system written code (self writing programs) . This would be possible using machine learning techniques and the several bots being developed in this space. The user gets to resolve conflicts by answering simple questions and the application is ready. They can select pre-defined data sets to test their application readiness or simply define their own data and simulate their output.

Another place where Machine Learning is redefining the space today.

YIYO – Your Input Your Output

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