Gone are the days when you had to ask people for directions. Technology has proved overtime that it has the solution to all the problems that mankind faces. Navigation system for cars was first introduced in 1980s by HONDA. The concept of navigation system for cars was developed after the Global Positioning System model used by lost travelers to find their way in unfamiliar lands. It was a simple navigation tool which showed a map of your surroundings.

With time navigation has turned into smart navigation. In the end of 20th century people started to rely more and more on navigation system to reach their destinations, so by the start of 21st century navigation companies started manufacturing more modified navigation systems for cars. Information technology plays a very important t role in our lives. It is involved in almost everything that we come in contact with on daily basis, same is the case with navigation system. With the boom in information technology navigation systems started to become more smart and user friendly. One other advancement that we have seen in the twenty first century is that a lot of new companies have laid their foot in the market and they are coming up with different types of navigation systems. Some companies have even introduced navigation systems for motor bikes as well as bicycles.

The main difference between simple navigation and smart navigation is that while using simple navigation you’ll have to look at a map and find your destination yourself whereas while using smart navigation you would only have to speak the name of your destination and your smart navigator would do everything else, it would tell you the distance from your point to your destination, it would tell you when and where to turn to reach your destination quickly and on time, it would give you real time information of traffic on your pathway to your destination so that you can change your direction if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic and it can also give you several routes to your destination. It has turned into a very profitable service where customers can even choose between a male or female navigator voices for their navigation system. Smart navigation technology is also being used by military rockets which can accurately reach their target after avoiding all the hurdles in their non-linear pathway.

Smart navigation is something that every car and bike owner should have. It can help them reach their destination quickly and on time. It can even help people reach places that they have never visited before, all they have to do is speak where they want to go. Japanese were the ones who invented it but now all of the major car manufacturers tend to have smart navigation system in them. One can find these navigation systems in Japanese, German and even American manufactured vehicles. It is not just a useful invention but a necessity. Now a days people from third world countries are also getting smart navigation systems installed in their vehicles as they realize its importance.