If you believe “nothing is impossible”, then you are absolutely right. There is nothing a human cannot do. A human brain has the ability to discover and innovate things as per the situation. In the times we are living, we observe thousands of new innovations and technologies which are introduced in the market on a daily basis.

Like many other technologies, scientists have made some components which can resist lateral force. The simplest answer to the question that what are smart components is that they are the systems used to resist lateral force. They are usually used in construction of any infrastructure in order to avoid any damage. They help the building resist any shocks or any other strong waves. In any infrastructure the everlasting roof and the strong floor are the most important things. These smart components can be used in designing a building to make it safe from any major catastrophe.


Any pre-fabricated trussed frames, patented shear wall element, cutting edge and frames to avoid any kind of damage by lateral force are all smart components.

It is an addition to the outdated bonded construction and innovative patented skill. Smart Components are made by using distinctive measurements of lumber, metal connector plates and original concentric hold-down connectors. Helping as a main load-transfer apparatus for the building, each Smart Component is intended to meet acute load confronting needs. Smart Components distinctive wall segments are modified to encounterdetailedconsumers applications and deliver architects and engineers with anextensive increase in design and window/door opening flexibility.

Now you would be thinking why to choose smart components? If you will compare smart components with standard plywood sheathed panels, they have abundant superior features. They are very easy to install. You don’t need to worry about the installation process. Using smart components makes an easy task for the unskilled site labor. They also deliver extreme guard from destruction caused by earthquakes and high winds. Smart Components can be used in combination with traditional framing and panelized wall structure. And, unlike other proprietary shear panels, Smart Components can be customized based on the customers’ framing priorities. Offering eventual architectural design, application and opening freedom, Smart Components can be considered to fit any opening outline an architect or engineer wants.

Operational building modules which include Smart Components have been plummeting material and labor costs for many years. Commonly, construction has a big effect on the environment, human health, and the economy. Using Smart Components as part of your green building tactics maximizes both economic and environmental enactment.

<li>No on-site assembly and minimal connections make installation easy and fool-proof.</li>
<li>Truss Construction uses sealed design drawings and metal plate linked wood truss design methodology.</li>
<li>Concentric Hold-Down transfer strain and dense forces with least deflection.</li>
<li>Pre-drilled access holes provide flexibility for electrical wiring submissions.</li>
The base track transfers shear to the anchor rod and also serves as a moisture barrier and anchor rod template.