The Robotics is changing the way we used to see the future. Increasing technology and advancements in Artificial Intelligence is making possible to make Robots that were never imagined before. Robots have found application in every aspect of life. Can you imagine yourself eating and playing with a Robot? The answer is “YES”. In this era of advancement a Personal Companion Robot is gaining momentum. We at Machinellium Mavericks Projects and Consultants Inc. are making life easier with our advanced Personal Companion Robot. A Personal Companion Robot will not only interact with you but will also help you in your daily tasks. This Robot has the ability to perform many tasks which a normal person can. A Companion Robot has the ability to communicate and behave like us.
This Robot is your personal assistant. It helps you in maintaining record of things you need to do and also remind you the priority of the each task. It will help in giving you the information regarding the weather, the traffic around your city and will even help with your recipes. A Companion Robot is a perfect watchman for you. It will not only watch your home but will also send you alerts whenever it senses changes in the environment. Whether it is fire or a movement of an object, it will capture everything and send you the report of the any abnormalities when you are away from your home. A Companion Robot helps in increasing your child’s knowledge in a very fun and playful manner. It is fully loaded with interactive games which will help your child entertain and at the same time help in increasing their knowledge. At night, when your children want to hear a story, it will be their storyteller. With a Personal Companion Robot, you will never miss a moment. It will be present in your all family gatherings or birthdays and will click photos for you. It is your mobile audio and video player and plays the multimedia whenever you are looking for some entertainment. A Companion Robot helps you to make and answer voice and video calls with your loved ones. With a Companion Robot you will be able to share photos, videos on your favourite social-networking sites. A Companion Robot will also take care of the elders in your home. It will detect any unusual activity and will respond accordingly and will even remind you of the medicines.
A Companion Robot comes with next generation communication technologies. The Companion Robot has the ability to recognise voices, has the ability to detect and recognise people and objects and can even perform text-to-speech ttransformations. It is fully mobile and comes with real time house mapping which makes it easy to navigate anywhere in the house. A Companion Robot also has the ability to avoid collisions.
A Companion Robot is not a machine but a friend, who you wished to have with you and your family.