Personal Companion Robot

Find out more about Machinellium Mavericks personal companion robot design

The Robotics is changing the way we used to see the future. Increasing technology and advancements in Artificial Intelligence is making possible to make Robots that were never imagined before. Robots have found application in every aspect of life. Can you imagine yourself eating and playing with a Robot? The answer is “YES”. In this era of advancement a Personal Companion Robot is gaining momentum. We at Machinellium Mavericks Projects and Consultants Inc. are making life easier with our advanced Personal Companion Robot. A Personal Companion Robot will not only interact with you but will also help you in your daily tasks. This Robot has the ability to perform many tasks which a normal person can. A Companion Robot has the ability to communicate and behave like us.


3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence

How far can we take the collaboration of 3D printing and artificial intelligence?

What is 3D Printing? 3D Printing is the process of making a three dimensional solid object with the help of a digital file. 3D printing, more professionally called additive manufacturing is the creation of 3D objects by placing successive layers of materials until the entire object is obtained. The material for 3D printing ranges over a hundred of materials including plastics, metals, nylon etc. It means 3D printing is capable of making a 3 dimensional object in most of the materials present around us.


Self Learning and Programming Algorithms

what is a self-learning and programming algorithm?

We call self-programming the worldwide procedure that animates computational operationally autonomous systems, i.e. the application of mutually operational and semantic conclusions. Therefore, a self-programming machine (the self) is instituted by three categories of code:
C1: The programs that perform on the word and the self
These are the programs that calculate the assembly and implementation of code. They function in any of the three categories subsequently.
C2: These are the models that designate the program in C1, comprising the self in the world and programs in the self.