Living beings whether animals or human beings tend to communicate with one another in order to fulfill their social needs. With time human beings have come up with technologies that help us communicate with machines. Even a simple calculation on a calculator is a form of communication between man and machine, as we put in the data and the calculator responds with a solution. With the advent of 21st century, the information technology sector all over the world saw a massive boom. With the advancement in Information technology these communications between man and machine have become more modified and the communications have becomeeasier.

Natural languagespeech processing is a tool that enables human beings to communicate with machines by the support of artificial intelligence. A relatable example of such asystem can be the operating system SAMANTHA in the movie HER .The operating system possessed a combination of artificial intelligence and natural language speech processing. It could understand what its owner was saying to it. What we see today is a bit more advance form of natural language speech processing , as in early 2000s lighter versions of the software were introduced which could only understand very few words or sentences. In the present time Natural language speech processing plays a vital role in a lot of fields. It is used as a security feature for technological devices like laptops and mobile phones. People can record a word or sentence in their voice and then use that word or sentence to open or unlock their mobile phones. NLSP helps machines understand human being in real-time. Googlebrowser has a feature which allows its users to speak what they are looking for and then the browser displays the respective content on the screen. This is a prime example of user friendly technology. These are not only ground breaking discoveries for scientist or software engineers but also for common people. Technologies like natural language speech processing have helped people with certain disabilities to live a healthy and easy life. Even though the world is changing but there are still some businesses that don’t allow disabled people in their company because they believe that disabled people can’t perform certain actions because of their disability, but what if the company has natural language speechprocessing It would help a guy with no arms to write articles, stories or any other content on the computer for the company. Advance NLSP tools can even understand people in languages other than English. One most common example of NLSP that you can find in your homes is Google translator. You can speak something in any language and Google translator would understand and translate that piece of speech for you.

It is a very important technology for human kind. It might be getting easier to build these natural language speech processing tools but there is no denying that the internal structure of these tools is actually getting more and more complex. It is believed that the world will see some more ground breaking inventions related to natural language speech processing in the near future.