Artificial intelligence is the study of creating computers and computer software’s which are capable of intelligent and smart behaviours. Machinellium Mavericks are dedicated to exploring and researching further into authentic and exclusive information about Artificial Intelligence.

Since Artificial Intelligence has come into being, we are finding more and more ways for it to benefit society, this technology has benefited the police, military and medical sciences across the world in more ways that we can imagine. It can simulate face recognition programs to cope high profile criminals and terrorists in use by the military, there are license number recognition systems being used by the police and the medical industry is bringing in autonomous systems to support independent living.

Artificial Intelligence is clearly benefiting millions of people around the world and it is important that we carry on studying this science and technology to bring more good into the world. Machinellium Mavericks aim to learn more about this technology of the future so we can help others, in a world full of growing security threats and disease, it is essential we do something about it to make processes easier. It is undoubtedly difficult for doctors and law enforcement employees to keep track of each and every case they come across and make the right split decision each time; this is where the application of Artificial Intelligence comes in.

The engineering of more specialist software’s, research is required, further research is needed on how to improve current Artificial systems for a more precise and useful result and more so we need to provide more training and scholarships to teach more people about Artificial Intelligence and how to correctly engineer it

Machinellium Mavericks needs your help; together we can make this world a better safer place. We humbly request to all of our readers to donate to this cause, you come across Artificial Intelligence every day in your life but we want to make a bigger, more useful impact. We request that everyone should be a part of this cause as it’s only for the betterment of ours and each-other’s lives.

It is only with your support that Machinellium Mavericks have come this far with their current research and training; we need your support to help us take it further. We do not allow a single dollar of your money to go to waste; every single cent you donate is used directly in research purposes. All of our research is freely available online so that you can stay as up to date about Artificial Intelligence as we are and can rest assured your donation is being used in the best way possible.

  • Target 1 – $150,000(CURRENT TARGET): If we can reach this target then we have enough to maintain Machinellium Maverick’s ventures throughout the first quarter of 2016. We will be able to maintain all our current operations and run more workshops to increase awareness of our research and institute, write more academic papers and attend conferences where we can remain up-to date with the current findings in Artificial Intelligence and share our findings with other researchers around the world

  • Target 2 – $450,000: This target will allow Machinellium Mavericks to continue expanding and growing at its current incredible rate. If we were to reach this target we can rest assured that our growth plans are sustainable and we can devote more of our time to strictly our research and less precious time will be spent by staff on fundraising for the upcoming year.

  • Target 3 – $1,000,000: Once we reach this target, our research team can afford to invest in bigger plans for faster growth. We will be able to significantly increase our recruitments and start working on newer more complicated research project. Our donor support is crucial to our growth and will allow us to scale up our plans in accordance

  • Target 4 – $6,000,000:  With this being our goal target, Machinellium Mavericks will become a different, higher quality organisation. We can diversify our research field in order to branch out further and tackle more Artificial Intelligence alignment problems.

You may not be aware of it yet but your small donation today could be the reason we manage to save millions of lives over the world tomorrow.

Our research program at Machinellium Mavericks is rapidly developing upwards and onwards. Your donations are what help us decide how fast and effectively we can develop our team of research associates and how quickly we can expand our efforts of further academic knowledge. Every time we hit one of our funding targets it allows Machinellium Mavericks to become bigger, more determined and gives us the chance to take on larger challenges.