As we all know this is the age of technology and lots of new innovations are seen daily in every domain of life. To complete a task, we require the help of technology. Every single task in our life is done with a piece of technology,most commonly known as devices. Researchers are now working towards new innovations which includes qualities of different technological devices in one. Through this, not only various technologies will be accessible with the use of a single device, but it will also be easier to handle one single unitrather than carrying three or four devices. To be quite honest we you, we simply can’t imagine life without technology.

Technology integration is majorly used in the field of education. It helps the students to explore more. Modernizing education is a necessity because all over the world technology is identified as the instructional tool.

Rote memorization methodology must not be used always for teaching kids. It’s imperative to validate the facts and figures by practical experimentation how subjects like math and science are essential outside of the classroom and in the real world. Experimenting in actual life examples can help bring tough subjects to life in new ways.

Integrating technology is helping to develop the teaching abilities of teachers and learning aptitudes of the students as an instrument. Educational technology achieves the expedition for information, encourages rich, applicable and genuine learning experience. Integrating the technologies helps improving students their skills like the comprehensive writing and creative learning taking help with media.When online atmospheres are integrated expressively into tutoring, students have new chances to learn and achieve.

One moremajormotive of technology integration is the requirement of today’s students to have 21st century skills.

These 21st century skills comprises the cross cultured understandings, critical thinking, strong communication skills, presentation skills, creativity, deciding and knowing the appropriate usage of technology, decision making and social responsibilities.

Improving these skills integrated technology is aiding in educational institutions to boost up the students. With improvement of skills comes diversity. As learning atmospheres modify constantly, that variability develops a median that provides a stream of new thoughts and concepts, astonishing challenges, and continuous opportunities for amendment and submission of rationalized thoughts. Spectators are diverse, thinking is diverse, as are the atmospheres statistics is being assembled from by both the student and the teacher.

Constructivism is a key component of technology integration. In this type of learning theory the procedure is used to make pupils learn through their inquiries based knowledge. According to this concept, students preserve moreknowledge longer and they learn to observe things more deeply. Inquiry-based learning, thus, is exploring a question that is individuallypertinent and purposeful because of its direct association to the one investigating the knowledge.Constructivist learning is founded on four phases of reasoningadvancement. In these phases, children takes adynamicpart in their personaleducation and yieldsexpressive works in order to progress a clear thoughts.