The theory of evolution suggests the homo-sapiens or human beings are getting intelligent with time. This means that with the passage of time, the critical thinking skills in human being are developing but still people have to be groomed to be deep learners and deep thinkers from the start. It should be the duty of teachers and parents to develop and groom critical thinking skills in their students and children respectively. People like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were both deep learners and deep thinkers. This was one of the biggest reasons that they succeeded in their respective fields. It is a leader’s quality to be a deep learner and deep thinker, this is why most of the high rank officials in the army are deep thinkers and learners as they have to make very important real time decisions.

Deep learning relates to analyzing data on real time basis and then remembering it as an experience to use in any similar future matters. Learning something and then forgetting it is not deep learning, it is more like surface learning so when you learn something you should try to keep it in your mind. This would ease up your decision making process. Revisiting what you have learnt from past experiences while analyzing real time data is what makes one a good deep learner.

Deep thinking is basically a process by which we increase our productive and useful thoughts. Plato said “Thinking is talking of the soul to itself”. This quote is the basic definition of deep thinking. A good deep thinker involves his mind as well as soul in the thinking process. Every human being on this earth is capable to think but there are some people like Einstein who think deeply, not all of us think deeply. Some can do it better than others and some can’t do it for one second. It might sound like an easy thing to do but it’s not. It requires a lot of effort to think deeply and to refine the productive and useful thoughts out of the unlimited thoughts that a person can have at any given time. Deep learning and deep thinking is what leads to new discoveries and inventions. Had there not been deep thinkers in the past, the world would have been a dark place without electricity, computers and even telephones.

As discussed earlier not everyone is a deep thinker or learner but this does not mean that everyone cannot learn or think deeply. Everyone can do it, it just requires a lot of effort to think and learn deeply. Deep learners are good at problem solving, you give them a rubix cube and they would make it look easy no matter how jumbled the cubes are. Being a deep learner and thinker have a lot more practical advantages other than solving a rubix cube. No matter what your profession, if you are a deep thinker and learner you would excel in your respective field. So just pack up your things for a little while, let go off all the tensions and go to a silent place and try to become a deep thinker and a deep learner.