There are two types of people in scientific community at the time, one who think that one day they would be slaves to beings with artificial intelligence and the other who think that the world will be a great place because of the joint work of humans and artificial intelligence. John McCarthy an American computer scientist and cognitive scientist was the one who coined the term Artificial Intelligence in the 20th Century. He was of the opinion that artificial intelligence can have beliefs. A philosopher John Searle disagreed with McCarthy on this topic. Other than these two impressive minds a lot of other people were also been involved in discussions favoring both sides. The argument is not just limited to beliefs but also to feelings, thinking capability and emotions.

One of the most common discussions in the scientific community since a long time has been if aliens would be friendly or not. Most people in these circles believe that even though people talk more about aliens, a bigger threat for human kind is that of robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even though big names like Stephen Hawking think that AI could end up human race as seen in a lot of popular culture but a union between beings with Artificial Intelligence and humans can be very rewarding for mankind. AI has a big role in popular culture. Movies like Ex-Machina and Automata greatly depict the common perception that humans have about artificial intelligence, how artificial intelligence works and how would it look like in a humanoid form. Other movies like HER have been a hit at the box office mainly due to the theme related to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence not only relates to robots but also to smart computer technology. One might think that machines with a neural network similar to that of a human brain might be able to feel what humans feel. We haven’t learnt as much about artificial intelligence as much as we are listening to arguments regarding them. Would they have rights as we humans do, would they feel as we do, would they have those basic senses like hearing, touch or smell etc. We can see roles of AI in video games, mobile phones and even smart televisions. Televisions which can adjust volume according to your likening or iPods which can adjust to your mood and play music accordingly are all small gifts of artificial intelligence. By every passing day scientists are getting more and more knowledgeable on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. There is no doubt that in the near future Artificial Intelligence will not just be a scientific invention but also a necessity in life. Stephen Hawking might think that Artificial Intelligence would end the human race but on the brighter side there are a lot of people who believe that Artificial intelligence would not be as evil as we think. Actually AI would make life much easier for us homo-sapiens. AI would help you wake up to a room temperature exactly according to the needs of your body, it would help your shower to read your preference of water temperature and it would help you to have easy communication by showing your messages that would be perceived as most important to you on top priority. Conclusively AI would have a very positive role in the lives of human beings and it would definitely be a very important part of everything that we come in contact with on daily basis.