For many years humans have relied on fossil fuels as a source of energy. With the passage of time more and more resources have been discovered and new ways of generating energy have been proposed. The term alternative energy refers to any source of energy other than fossil fuel. Some ecologists believe that the term alternative energy is somewhat controversial as other sources are also as effective and important in generating energy as fossil fuels.

Commonly alternative energy refers to solar energy, energy generated from wind turbines, biomass, geo-thermal energy etc. With each passing year these sources are becoming as much important in generating energy as fossil fuels. One very important alternative to fuel is electricity because now a days we have electrically powered vehicles and stoves. Other than solar power, no energy resource on this planet is unlimited. What we don’t realize is that the resources that we have are a blessing but every resource that we know off is scarce if we compare it to the age of earth, so we should learn to use and manage the resources by keeping their scarcity in view .The comparison of oil available to us and its usage shows that we would be left with very little quantity of oil some two hundred years from now. This is why it is essential to use and improve new and alternative sources of energy. Alternative energy has restored balance in the ecological system. It is not only helping us to save important resources like oil, coal and uranium but it is also helping countries financially, by improving their economic system. Now countries don’t have to spend millions of dollars on buying oil from Arab countries as they can build wind turbines on their own lands and save a lot of money in the process. It has helped countries to stand on their own instead of depending on other countries to fulfill their energy needs. Countries that have not resorted to alternative energy are facing massive problems and energy crisis. Countries in the South Asian region i.e. India, Bangladesh, Nepal Pakistan etc are all suffering from massive energy crisis. People in some of these countries only enjoy electricity for twelve hours in a single day as the government cuts off electricity for the remaining twelve hours of the day to cope up with the energy crisis. If these countries had thought about alternative energy about fifteen to twenty years ago then things would have been a lot different for them.

As discussed earlier it is these alternative energy sources that are helping us to save the more important resources, so one can imagine the focus our scientific community might be giving to this matter of using alternative energy sources. A lot of inventions and proposals for several alternative energy ideas have been put forth. Scientists are working day and night to find more and more sources of energy and how to utilize them. We can comfortably assume that about thirty years from fossil fuels wouldn’t even be in the top three sources of energy.