Accomplishments and plans

Machinellium Mavericks has some core background claims that concern us about the long term risk that comes with the application of artificial intelligences in our day to day lives. The first is that humans are intelligent but currently artificial intelligences aren’t. Secondly however, they could become more brainier than us lead to situations where artificial intelligences are more intelligent than humans and have a benefit over humans, but such a situation could be detrimental to us instead of advantageous.

We understand that it is extremely likely that the first smarter than human machine is created by none other than artificial intelligence machines themselves. Therefore we strongly approve of and authorise research programs that aim to minimise any potential risks that could arise, further causing complications for humankind.

Our research company specialises in the technical issues that arise when engineering artificial intelligence software systems which we want to be smarter than humans so they can offer us a benefit. What we aim to do is to break down the problems into smaller issues that we can easily tackle. Previously researchers have used mathematical models in settings which have been cut down and simplified so we can lay down a theoretical foundation under our research programs.

As we specialise purely in technical research, our objective is to only employ researchers who are proficient in their respective fields linking to artificial intelligence. The main purpose of our technical research is that any de novo artificial intelligence software systems only provide a beneficial and advantageous impact.

Machinellium Mavericks also considers the long term risk with artificial intelligence as we believe there are definitely destructive scenarios probable with the long term use of artificial intelligence systems. We need to research into these areas and engineer answers as to what we would do and how to tackle such situations as these parts of research are currently being neglected by other research institutions.

Our research institute is different. We don’t research and study with competitive interests, we leave that to the other institutes out there. Machinellium Mavericks mission is to concentrate full time on researching important artificial intelligence alignment problems. We solely do research work and do not take time off for teaching classes, taking exams or pursuing other profitable and publishable theories. Regardless of whether we win grants or not, we focus on the same areas of interest and problems that lie within. We do not work with a competitive nature in order to receive grant money or continually change our proposals and set of research interests. Our aim is to solve the problems on hand in our research agenda without interruption or change of focus.