3D Printing

What is 3D Printing? 3D Printing is the process of making a three dimensional solid object with the help of a digital file. 3D printing, more professionally called additive manufacturing is the creation of 3D objects by placing successive layers of materials until the entire object is obtained. The material for 3D printing ranges over a hundred of materials including plastics, metals, nylon etc. It means 3D printing is capable of making a 3 dimensional object in most of the materials present around us.
We at Machinellium Mavericks Projects and Consultants Inc., in partnership with Scansource are the reseller of this technology in India. Scansource is a global player in distribution of speciality technology products. We provide a complete solution for your 3D printing. Our products range from 3D printers, printing materials to on-demand custom parts.

Some of the products we deal in are the following:

● ProJet 3500 Series Printers
ProJet 3500 produces high-quality, durable plastic parts for both domestic and industrial purposes. it maximizes your return on investment due to the selectable print resolutions and choice in materials.

● ProJet 4500 Printer
ProJet 4500 is a quick and efficient 3D printer and features self-generated operation control. ProJet 4500 gives you the power to make flexible, ready-to-use, strong coloured parts with high surface quality. ProJet 4500 allows you to quickly create prototypes of your durable end product and combines outer beauty with inner toughness.

● ProJet 5500X Printer
ProJet 5500X uses a multi-jet printing (MJP) technology to build superior quality, accurate, and multi-material parts. This 3D printer is capable of printing finely minute parts with material transparency, colour and varying degrees of flexibility. This 3D printer is ideal for long lasting living hinges, rubber-like components, and multi-material assemblies. ProJet 5500X offers one of the fastest print speeds and a large build volume.

● ProJet x60 Series Printers
With ProJet x60 Series you get all the features you wish to get from your 3D Printer. It not only produces models that are realistic and colourful but also provides an amazing print speed that is 5x-10x as compared to other technologies. With this printer you can produce multiple models at the same time. ProJet x60 Series is not
only office-friendly and eco-friendly, but also the operating costs are less as compared to other technologies.

● 3D Materials
We offer a range of 3D materials which are customized to work with specific technology to maximize the quality and desired properties. From metals to nylons, we deal in any possible material which can be used as a material for 3D printing. Due to the wide range of materials offered, the 3D Printing is possible in any aspect of product manufacturing.

With the wide range of 3D printers offered by us you can make models, prototypes and ready-to-use products. So next time if you need a part for your home appliance you don’t have to order the part from the distributor, just 3D print the part and get going.